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OpenEd 2.0 is a FREE and OPEN course for business students, practitioners and anyone interested in the subject fields. The course consists of 10 modules allowing participants to choose the individual modules they are interested in. This is to say that you can either take all of the 10 modules, or just those ones that you are interested at. Some of the modules are more academic (5A1 & 5A2), others are more targeted at professionals (5P1, 5P2 & 5P3), and the remaining modules should be of interest for both, students and practitioners. If you want to learn more about the 10 modules then take a look at the Course Overview.


If you are new to studying online, open or distance course we recommend you work through Module 0: An introduction to "How to learn with openED" This introductory module covers core aspects important to understanding what open distance learning is and what it can do for you:

  • - What is open distance learning?
  • - When to start
  • - How to study an open module
  • - Using forums to meet others, share work and resolve questions
  • - Live text-chat sessions
  • - Group working
  • - Getting feedback and recognition for your work
  • - How is it possible to present this course for free?

The module should only take 1-2 hours to work through. However, if you want a more brief overview, then the flow diagram and text below highlight key activities and order you could consider doing them:


If you have studied online before then this short summary gives an overview of how you may want to approach the course:

  • - STEP 1: Look at the Timetable to find the dates for the online meetings: There are regular online meetings, such as chats, for each of the modules. You are also invited to organize your own chat and announce it at the Timetable
  • - STEP 2: Read & Complete the Module Activities: Each module has a number of defined study activities for you to perform alone or as a group!
  • - STEP 3: Post your activities to the forums: In some cases, an activity may suggest you work with others on the forums,
  • - STEP 4: Do the Module Assignment: Each module has one assignment to be completed and submitted by you!
  • - STEP 5: Consider completing a Learning Reflection Form, review work by others and continue to watch the forums


If you missed the start date of a module you still can study it on your own pace. Have a look at the Forums, perhaps one of your peers is at the same stage then you and you can study together!


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