The openED course: Business and Management Competencies in a Web 2.0 world
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openED 2.0 is a FREE and OPEN online course for business students and practitioners alike. The course consists of 10 distance learning modules which should each last between 2-3 weeks. This website provides all you need:

  • +   Learning materials
  • +   Suggested activities
  • +   Forums for meeting people and discussion
  • +   Calendar of the live chat sessions scheduled
  • +   Repository to save your assignments
  • +   Mechanisms for providing peer assessment and support
  • +   Records of previous participants work
  • +   Help in getting started with open learning

You can participate in any combination of the 10 modules and, whilst most people will probably want to study the course, we also offer the chance for you to help teach it or to help moderate the forums. Find out more at the First Steps to Studying page


Study the Course  

Register for the course and then you can begin to study the materials and participate in the forums and chat sessions

There are 10 modules available


Teach or help facilitate the Course

Register your interest in helping to facilitate the course, providing tuition or additional teaching session or offering to mark or accredit assignments


Gain recognition for supporting other participants

New for November 2011 is the chance to gain credit (a 'Letter of Recommendation') for providing peer support and moderation



Please feel free to browse the site before registering and we look forward to welcoming you to the course.


----------------   NEWS    --------------------


20 / 3 / 12: End of Course Survey now available: now that Round 3 has ended, why not tell us about your experience of the course and the course materials? It doesn't matter whether you completed activities or assignments or whether you just had a look at the site; you're feedback is still important to us. Visit the survey at: http://tinyurl.com/89mdhuf  We will hope to post a summary of feedback later in the spring.


21 / 2 / 12: Final two modules start this week: Module 5P3 'Change Management' and Module 6 'The Ethical Organisation' both start this week. There is a IRC text-chat online meeting scheduled for tonight at 6pm UK Time and on Saturday at 3pm for Module 5P3. Hope to see you there. 


30 / 1 / 12: Module 2: Searching for information in business and management. This module aims to identify information in business and management from a variety of web-based sources, such as Google, bibliographic databases, full text electronic journals services, news aggregators and market analysis tools and to critically evaluate information from such sources. Over the next three weeks we have two IRC chat session arranged for this module (the first is tomorrow, Tuesday 31st January). Whether you are just about to study this, or already have done the work, why not post your work on the forums?


30 / 1 / 12: Module 5P2: Project Management Advanced begins today. This module is for those interested in gaining a theoretical and practical understanding of using tools for supporting teamwork (metaplan technique), analyzing and solving problems and unexpected events encountered during project implementation, risks and project controlling at the implementation stage (Earned Value Technique, CPM). As you work through the module post your activities on the Module 5P2 forum (and then post your final assignment in the Assignment Directory). 


26 / 1 / 12: Why not organise your own IRC session or start a Forum discussion? We know that sometimes it can be hard to attend the IRC chat sessions that we have arranged so why not organise your own? The #openED IRC chat room is always open and anyone can lead/facilitate a session (once arranged you can add the event in to the timetable so that no one else organises something for the same time!). The forums could be a great place to suggest a time or try to arrange something with others. And if you haven't the time for this; just keep an eye on the timetable - next week there's a Module 2 introductory session.


24 / 1 / 12: Module 5A2 and Module 3 IRC Online Text Chat Session this week: Tomorrow (Wednesday) there will be an IRC chat for Module 5A2 at 6.45pm UK Time and on Thursday one for Module 3 at 7pm UK Time. Remember, if you are planning on attending these please post in the forum. For for the Module 5A2 post here and for Module 3 post here


9 / 1 / 12: Modules 3 and 5A2 begin today: Happy New Year and welcome to the second part of the openED course (round 3). We look forward to welcoming many of you who started in November back, and also new participants. The website moved server over the New Year so apologies if you had difficulty accessing it (you can report any issues we haven't yet spotted in the Technical thread in the forums). There wil be Introduction IRC chat sessions for both Modules tomorrow evening. Please look at the timetable for more details (and for information about when Modules 2, 5P2, 5P3 and 6 take place).


5 / 12 / 11: Module 4 begins today: Module 4 should take around 2 weeks and is the final module to start before the Christmas break. In January there are further openED courses. There are several IRC chat sessions planned for Module 4 - the first should take place tonight (watch out for updates on the Module 4 forum). If are not doing Module 4, these next few weeks will give you the opportunity to finish off earlier modules such as 5A1 or 5P1 (remember to upload your end of Module assignment).



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